Chemotherapy Support

NYC Acupuncture Program to Support Patients Treating Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Acupuncture is increasingly recognized as method to support chemotherapy patients to address many of the side effects of various forms of chemotherapy. These include side effects such as:

Hot Flash
Joint Pain
Dry Mouth
Nausea and Vomiting
Research Summary

Recent research supports the use of acupuncture in treating each of the above side effects of acupuncture. Sloan-Kettering Hospital notes:

“Acupuncture is being used in the palliative care of cancer to alleviate pain, dysfunction, and chronic fatigue, to reduce post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and to ameliorate xerostomia or dry mouth, commonly experienced by cancer patients following radiotherapy of the head and neck regions.” “Findings from a randomized trial suggest that it is as effective as standard care for the management of hot flashes in breast cancer patients. Acupuncture also alleviated aromatase inhibitor-induced joint pain and stiffness, improving physical well-being in patients with breast cancer.”

NYC Acupuncture Chemotherapy Support Program

At West Village Acupuncture, we offer acupuncture to support patients through their chemotherapy treatment process. Acupuncture treatment is aimed at lessening the quantity and severity of side effects, thus improving quality of life and reducing the likelihood that chemotherapy will be paused or reduced because of the severity of the side effects.

The approach taken is based on the patients specific concerns and needs. Different types of chemotherapy have differing side effects, so treatment is tailored to the specific patient and his or her unique condition.

Similarly, different patients who are receiving the same chemotherapy treatments experience varying side effects, both in type and intensity. All of these factors are taken into consideration in designing a acupuncture chemo support program tailored to the needs of each unique patient.

Additional Areas of Guidance include:
Nutritional Guidance

Treatment of Chemotherapy Induced Neutropenia
NYC Acupuncture To Improve Chemotherapy Induced Fatigue
Chemotherapy Hot Flashes

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