A Discussion About The Use Of Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs As Treatments For Chronic Fatigue

A Discussion About The Use Of Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs As Treatments For Chronic Fatigue Above I discuss chronic fatigue from a western ,and an oriental medicine perspective. There is additional discussion of the primary patterns and pattern combinations which explain the varied symptoms that occur in chronic fatigue patients. Here I discuss how acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to treat the condition. … Read more

Chronic Fatigue Patterns

Chronic Fatigue Patterns Chronic fatigue is best understood as a primary diagnosis of spleen qi deficiency combined with some other secondary pattern of disease. We have called this chronic fatigue patterns. Here we discuss some of the more common chronic fatigue patterns and how they help to explain the varied symptoms described by so many chronic … Read more

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics for Chronic Fatigue

Western And Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Criteria And Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue Current diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue are patient reporting of severe debilitating fatigue accompanied by four or more of the following symptoms. These must occur concurrently and for a continuous period of more six months: impaired memory or concentration sore throat tender cervical … Read more