Arthritis Signs And Symptoms

Signs And Symptoms The classic signs and symptoms of this Damp Bi Arthritis can vary depending on a variety of factors, including whether the condition has an internal or external origin and the duration of the disorder. For the internally caused Damp Bi Arthritis, the presentation will likely have many of the characteristics of a … Read more

Roving Arthritis Pain

Roving Arthritis Pain Arthritis Pain that Moves between Joints (Roving Joint Pain) is Easily Explained by Chinese Medicine. WIND BI-SYNDROME This type of “Bi” (a term meaning pain or obstruction) is characterized by it wandering nature. It is not stationery, but rather different joints are effected at different times. IT shares similarities with wind, as … Read more

Chinese Medicine And Arthritis

Chinese Medicine And Arthritis Here we discuss the different types of Chinese Medical conditions which commonly correlate to the Western diagnosis of arthritis. “Bi Syndrome” is the most common correlate and is translated as pain or painful obstruction, both of which accurately describe Arthritis. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF TYPES OF BI-SYNDROMES. THE BASIC FORMS … Read more