Roving Arthritis Pain

Roving Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain that Moves between Joints (Roving Joint Pain) is Easily Explained by Chinese Medicine.


This type of “Bi” (a term meaning pain or obstruction) is characterized by it wandering nature. It is not stationery, but rather different joints are effected at different times. IT shares similarities with wind, as with wind itself, it is both moving and changing.

In Chinese medicine many disorders are explained by the invasion of external pathogenic factors. This is nothing more than a way of saying that a disease is caused by some external agent, such as a bacteria or virus. The ancient Chinese described this as the invasion of an external pathogenic factor.

In addition to pathogens such as viral and bacterial agents, disease is also explained by invasion of natural elements such as wind or damp. A wind invasion, while it may sound strange to modern people, is in fact something we are all familiar with. Think about a stiff neck or other condition that is caused by being exposed to a draft. That exposure is what the ancient Chinese would call an external pathogenic wind invasion.

Such a condition is often acute in nature, however, if it is not properly treated, it can process to a chronic phase. We all know someone who suffered a stiff neck from catching a draft and who now suffers from chronic stiff necks. It is quite likely, the wind has become lodged and is causing chronic recurring or ongoing pain.

A classic symptom of a wind condition, is its migratory nature. Patients who presenting with roving pain, which moves from joint to joint most often are found to be suffering from a wind bi condition.

This kind of joint pain is quite treatable. If the patient is willing to be vigilant with treatment and take any herbs his or her acupuncturist may prescribe, the likelihood of substantial, if not complete relief, is quite good.

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