NYC Acupuncture Smoking Cessation Program

A Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Program

Designed to support you in your efforts to stop smoking and rid yourself of this unhealthy habit. I am a NYC Acupuncturist who is also a former smoker. As such I not only am able to use my experience and knowledge as an acupuncturist, I can also use my empathy and experience as a smoker and a former smoker. I fully and completely understand what is involved in quitting and will help you to succeed in addressing and overcoming your addiction.
I provide support through a number of different modalities, including:

Full Intake to Assess Smoking Habits and Underlying Constitution
One Full Acupuncture Treatment Per Week
Two-Three Auricular Treatments Per Week
Ear Seeds to Provide Interim Support Between Treatments
Acupressure Techniques For Use at Home
Tui Na
Herbal Consultation
Meditation Training
Relaxation Techniques
Written Program Materials For Personal Reference
Causes of Addictive Behaviors

All addictions, smoking included, are a form of Obsessive/Compulsive behavior. For any cessation program to be effective, it must recognize the origins of the behavior and provide an opportunity and environment for relief from the compulsion. It must also provide effective tools to address the obsessive behavior and to break the associated behavior patterns.


The program recognizes the roots of the behavior and is designed to provide tools to address and change the behavior.
These range from identifying the behaviors associated with your smoking, learning new and substitute behaviors, receiving full acupuncture treatments and supplementing with auricular treatments and ear seeds.
Full body treatments vary based on a number of factors which your NYC acupuncturist will identify during your initial intake session. The more frequent auricular treatments are based on a Nationally recognized addiction protocol with adaptations to enhance your mental stamina – needed for an effective cessation outcome.
It is important to recognize that no stop smoking program is a magic bullet. Addiction is a serious matter and presents significant challenges. Any program that markets itself as easy and without difficulty is simply not to be believed.
Those kinds of programs fall under the heading of: if its sounds to good to be true, it is.

Please contact us so we can schedule an appointment and you can begin on the road to a smoke-free life. For more information on our program, either call us at +1 917-968-2854. or contact us here.

Smoking Cessation
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