Insomnia Complex Type

Insomnia Complex Type

Insomnia Complex Type are patterns which tend to be more complex and of longer duration than the simple type of insomnia. Given the more chronic nature of these patterns, they have effected related organ systems and thus involve a disharmony of more than one system. In this article, I will discuss three of the more common complex insomnia patterns. They are:

Heart/Spleen Blood Deficiency
Heart/Gallbladder Deficiency; and
Heart/Kidney Disharmony.


The insomnia pattern of these patients involves difficulty falling asleep and once they are able to fall asleep, they awake frequently through out the night. Other symptoms, unique to this pattern, include ringing in the ears and low back pain. The underlying condition is a deficiency pattern and the heart and kidney are both yin deficient.

Thus, the other symptoms are a combination of those seen in the yin deficiency patterns for these organs. For a discussion of this see insomnia simple type. These include dry throat, night sweating, five center heat, dizziness, palpitations and mental restlessness.

With these patients, the point prescription will likely involve a combination of points that boost the kidney yin and the heart yin. In addition, points for clearing deficiency heat would be used. Similarly, herbal treatment would be helpful to help boost the yin and clear deficiency heat.


Those familiar with TCM, know the functions of the heart and spleen include the production of blood and thus know that the use of the term Blood in this pattern name is redundant. Because these two organs are central to blood production, these patients have an insomnia pattern that is typical of blood deficiency– it difficult for them to fall asleep.

These patients have difficulty falling asleep. They report experiencing palpitations and anxiety. They are tired, have poor memory and a pale complexion. In addition, they often suffer from dizziness, blurry vision and have diminished appetite.

In treating these patients, it is necessary to select points that will tonify the spleen and heart and build blood. An herbal formula will also focus on these treatment principles. A typical formula for treating these patients is Qui Pi Tang.


This type of insomnia causes patients to wake early in the morning and they are unable to return to sleep. They tend to be light sleepers and dream excessively. In addition to sleep related symptoms, these patients are timid in nature, startle easily and lack assertiveness. They also report the experiencing palpitations, tiredness and suffer from unexplained breathlessness.

In treating these patients, it is necessary to balance the heart and gallbladder. Both may need to be calmed and some clearing of heat will be in order. Points will be selected with these treatments principles in mind and a typical formula that might be used with these patients is Wen Dan Tang.

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