Fibromyalgia Effective Treatments For Improving Sleep

Fibromyalgia Effective Treatments For Improving Sleep


Pick a particular time for going to bed and go to bed at that same time every night. A regular bedtime can help to train the body to prepare it for sleep.
Avoid all stimulating activities for 2 hours prior to the established bedtime.
Follow a SCANT diet. So not eat Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Nutrasweet, and Tobacco
Avoid spicy foods
If these dietary restrictions seem too stringent, then at least avoid consuming these foods in the evenings and late afternoon
Drink soothing fluids such as chamomile tea
Take warm baths before going to bed
Consider using bath oils such as Lavender
Avoid engaging in stimulating activities in the evening
Do not watch action shows or high dramas or read stimulating materials before going to bed
Do not read or watch television in bed. Engage in those activities in other rooms
Do not engage in emotionally charged conversations before going to bed. If politics upsets you then don’t engage in political debate in the evenings
Reserve the bedroom exclusively for sleeping and sexual activities.

If these suggestions for fibromyalgia effective treatments for sleep are followed with regularity, most people will find significant improvement in their sleep, both in duration and in efficiency.

At first, following these recommendations may seem daunting, but like many things in life, if we persevere, we will see results. In effect, this is not different then the athlete who desires to win a competition or the student who desires to achieve high grades. Each must devote additional time and effort to those pursuits. For the fibromyalgia patient, following routines such as the ones outlined above will allow them to achieve a better quality of sleep, just as studying allows the student to achieve higher grades and working out allows the athlete to perform better in competitions.

Keep in mind that with any new endeavor, it is likely that at some point we will fall back on our old ways. If you find that happening, be gentle with yourself. Just keep trying to implement these changes and with time they will become second nature. There is an expression for people in substance abuse recovery — “relapse is part of recovery”. That expression has some application to any attempt at changing behavior patterns. If you find yourself falling back into old disruptive sleep related patterns, recognize that changing behavior can be a difficult process, and gently nudge yourself towards engaging in the new behaviors. The real carrot on the stick is the knowledge that if these suggestions are adopted, health will improve.

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