Effective Treatments for Chronic Fatigue

Effective Treatments for Chronic Fatigue


In some instances one treatment approach would likely be to soothe some organ functions, clear heat in others and tonify yet others. Depending on the particular circumstances, it may be necessary to address complications while in others treating the spleen directly may resolve the condition. Points such as Spleen 6, Spleen 9, Ren 12, UB 20 Stomach 36 and 40 should be considered to boost the spleen and resolve complications. To address symptoms of depression or joint pain, points such as Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4 might be used to soothe, and Liv 5 and PC 6 may also be considered as additional calming points.

In all cases, the point selection will depend on the specific presentation of the specific patient. It may be necessary to build others aspects and other points would be considered.
The beauty of this approach is that one treatment does not fit all. Acupuncture is uniquely suited for treatment of chronic fatigue because it recognizes the need to treat each patient differently depending on his or her particular presentation. It is tailor made for a syndrome such as chronic fatigue, which has so many variable presentations.

Herbal Formulations

Herbals formula’s which are spleen tonics and contain moving herbs, together with herbs to soothe the liver and boost qi and blood should be a part of a patient’s herbal regimen. Formula’s such as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang and Qui Pi Tang are often used to help restore spleen function.
Other formulas such as Xiao Yao Wan or a modification known as Dan Zhi Xiao Yao Wan may be used to soothe the liver and clear heat. Depending on the specific pattern combination, other herbal formulations may be warranted.
Patients should consult a certified herbalist before taking any herbs. As is the case with all medicinals, they are very helpful if used properly, but can be harmful if used inappropriately. If the patient has a heat condition and takes warming herbs that can worsen the condition. Always consult with a trained professional before using herbal or other supplements.


It is likely that treatment will take a fair amount of time and patients should be aware that the condition was a long time in the making and resolution will also take time. A patient can expect some symptom relief after a few visits, but return to full health will take diligence on the part of all involved.

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