Effective, Non-Addictive Insomnia Treatment

Offering Safe, Effective, Non-Addictive Insomnia Treatment

West Village Acupuncture is an NYC acupuncturist for insomnia. Insomnia can be an extremely taxing condition impacting virtually every aspect of your life. Acupuncture is a safe and effective means of treating many forms of insomnia.

The cause of insomnia can vary greatly, and thus treatment approaches for different patients are also quite varied. Insomnia can be caused by something as simple as diet and in this case, its treatment can be as simple as eliminating one or two foods from your diet. In other cases, the cause can be more chronic in nature and thus a course of acupuncture might be required to effect a change. In yet other cases, the underlying cause may be quite complex and one or more courses of acupuncture, combined with herbal therapy might be required.  Regardless of the cause of your insomnia, Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbs can be a safe, effective non-addictive method for addressing your condition.

The University of Maryland reports that acupuncture improves insomnia in many patients. They state:

“Some reports suggest that certain acupuncture procedures have a nearly 90{50cdfeddae49c27121ae92727b6a81e9d51d9b53978b3e5eb07002f692d3a298} success rate for the treatment of insomnia. Through a complex series of signals to the brain, acupuncture increases the amount of certain substances in the brain, such as serotonin, which promote relaxation and sleep.

Several clinical studies have found that auricular acupuncture, using needles placed at various point in the ear, is effective in reducing symptoms of insomnia, such as difficultly in falling asleep and remaining asleep. Further studies should be performed.

Clinical studies of elderly people with sleep disturbances suggest that acupressure enhances sleep quality and decreases awakenings during the night. An acupressure practitioner works with the same points used in acupuncture, but stimulates these healing sites with finger pressure, rather than inserting fine needles. Clinical studies support the use of auricular (ear) acupressure for improving sleep quality in elderly patients and possibly in healthy adults of all ages. A small clinical study also found that acupressure may help with sleep apnea.”

The only way to determine which course of treatment is appropriate for you, is to have a discussion with your acupuncturist, so that he/she can assess your individual situation and recommend a uniquely tailored treatment plan.

I am your NYC acupuncturist for insomnia and invite you to contact me to learn more about treatment options. Please contact Elizabeth Healy at +1 917-968-2854.

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Effective, Non-addictive Insomnia Treatment