Chemotherapy Hot Flashes

Chemotherapy Hot Flashes COMMON PHARMACEUTICAL TREATMENTS AND SIDE EFFECTS Many patients undergoing chemotherapy as a cancer treatment experience hot flashes. It is a particularly common side effect when the chemotherapy involves hormone suppression therapy. This is often the case in the treatment of prostate cancer, estrogen dependent breast cancer and some thyroid cancers. The most … Read more

NYC Acupuncture To Improve Chemotherapy Induced Fatigue

NYC Acupuncture To Improve Chemotherapy Induced Fatigue Distressing fatigue is common among chemotherapy patients both during and following chemotherapy. J Vickers, D Struass, B Fearon, B Cassileth, Acupuncture for Postchemotherapy Fatigue: A phase II Study, J of Clin Oncology, V. 22(9) 1731- 1735 (2004), citing Curt GA, Breitbart W, Cella D, et al: Impact of cancer-related fatigue … Read more

Quit Smoking – Methods

Methods In step 1, we identified our various triggers and how smoking has become an integral past of our lives. We also realized that smoking is the single most frequent voluntary activity we engage in every single day. That means that changing our behavior is really a big deal. In step 2 we attempted to begin writing … Read more

Quit Smoking – Step 2

Step 2 Now that you have made the decision to stop smoking and have begun to understand your smoking patterns, it is a good idea to start writing some things down. DOCUMENT YOUR REASONS FOR QUITTING Let’s start with a small notepad that you will use exclusively for your quit smoking program. Begin by writing … Read more

Quit Smoking – Step 1

Where To Start — Step 1 Getting starting is often a difficult part of the process. So here we will outline some of the initial things you can do to start the process. BEGINNING THE PROCESS OF UNDERSTANDING YOUR CIGARETTE ADDICTION Initially, I will meet with you to learn more about how you smoke and … Read more

Arthritis Signs And Symptoms

Signs And Symptoms The classic signs and symptoms of this Damp Bi Arthritis can vary depending on a variety of factors, including whether the condition has an internal or external origin and the duration of the disorder. For the internally caused Damp Bi Arthritis, the presentation will likely have many of the characteristics of a … Read more

Roving Arthritis Pain

Roving Arthritis Pain Arthritis Pain that Moves between Joints (Roving Joint Pain) is Easily Explained by Chinese Medicine. WIND BI-SYNDROME This type of “Bi” (a term meaning pain or obstruction) is characterized by it wandering nature. It is not stationery, but rather different joints are effected at different times. IT shares similarities with wind, as … Read more