A Discussion About The Use Of Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs As Treatments For Chronic Fatigue

A Discussion About The Use Of Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs As Treatments For Chronic Fatigue

Above I discuss chronic fatigue from a western ,and an oriental medicine perspective. There is additional discussion of the primary patterns and pattern combinations which explain the varied symptoms that occur in chronic fatigue patients. Here I discuss how acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to treat the condition.

In Chinese medicine the spleen is thought to be part of the central digestive system and it is viewed as being responsible for absorbing nutrients into the system (transformation) and moving nutrients and other substances (primarily fluids) throughout the body. When the spleen is functioning properly the body is able to receive nutrients and distribute them throughout the system. When the Spleen is not functioning well, it is essential to support the patients’ ability to transform and transport. When this is accomplished digestion is more efficient and absorption of nutrients can occur.

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