Auto-Immune Disorders

Acupuncture in the Treatment of Auto-Immune Disorders

As a NYC Acupuncturist for Auto-Immune treatments, I understand that these disorders are particularly perplexing to western medicine. Effective treatment options are often limited or create an entirely new set of symptoms requiring another entirely new set of treatments. Auto-immune disorders, including fibromyalgia , and arthritis are often responsive to acupuncture and herbal treatment approaches. These complex disorders are often well suited to treatment by acupuncture and herbs. They are often rooted in conditions which Chinese Medicine recognizes as deficiencies of one of the primary organ functions. (Note that when referring to organs in the Chinese Medical system, we are not referring to the organ as we know it in western medicine. The Chinese system speaks more to a process, then an actual specific organ. Accordingly, when discussing a spleen or kidney deficiency, we do not mean that the patients actual spleen or kidney is diseased.) They are primary, although not exclusively, deficiencies of the spleen or kidneys, with a resulting adverse effect on the liver organ system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine did not recognize a of category of disease known as auto-immune disorders, it did however, recognize various symptoms and collections of symptoms as being part of particular disease patterns. These disease patterns present with a variety of symptoms — including generalized pain, digestive disorders, joint and sinew pain, foggy headedness, fatigue and mood disorders. (Note there are other possible symptoms, but this list is a fairly comprehensive one.)

A particular collection of symptoms indicates to a Chinese medical practitioner that adjustments must be made to one or more of the organ systems to restore the body to a harmonious state. There is no real mystery as to what is wrong, rather the body is in an imbalance and balance must be restored to the affected systems. This is exactly what acupuncture and herbal treatments are designed to accomplish. When a protocol is developed by a trained and experienced practitioner, auto-immune patients can experience significant improvement in their overall health.

It is important to seek out an experienced practitioner who is properly licensed and if herbal treatments are to be prescribed, it is important to find a trained herbalist. The bottom line is that with perseverance on the part of both the practitioner and patient, there can be substantial progress with virtually no side effects. As a NYC Acupuncturist for Auto-Immune treatments, I hope this website provides information that patients find useful and informative.

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